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It is a sauna with very low humidity of 5-25%, with a temperature in the range of 85-95 degrees Celsius. In the sauna there is a stove with stones, which are splashed with water to create a momentary stroke of hot steam - which the Finns call the "soul of the sauna".


The wet sauna has a special evaporator stove, which is able to create 40-60% humidity at a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius. It makes bathing in this kind of sauna seem less exhausting.


Shower Experience

After a sauna bath you should gradually cool your body down. This is why the cooling zone, next to the saunas, is equipped with a shower system with a cold mist spray and a tropical rain programme for initial cooling.

Finish bucket

A shower bucket with water in the temperature of about 12 degrees Celsius, used for intensive cooling of the body after bathing in the sauna.

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