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Restaurant menu


Grilled leek/buttermilk/sheep cheese/rouille sauce 17 zł
Steak tartare/macerated red onion/homemeade prawn mayonnaise/mustard/pickled cucumber/marinated armillaria  48 zł
Green beans/smoked cottage cheese/toasted cashew nuts/honey, horseradish and turmeric sauce  15 zł


Homemade broth  18 zł
Ramen/algae/marinated egg/noodles/braised pork/sesame  32 zł
Cauliflower soup/macerated onions    19 zł


Salad with baked eggplant/fried gouda cheese/grilled pepper/grilled zucchini/pumpkin sauce
 with chilli and kaffir
30 zł
Salad with fried chicken meatballs/dumplings with macerated pumpkin and smoked cottage cheese/marinated beetroot/sea-buckthorn sauce 36 zł

Main courses

Chicken supreme/fried baby potatoes/cucumbers in dill olive oil with algae, dill and radish 34 zł
Beef cheek/hasselback potatoes/caramelised carrots and broccolini/parsley-olive salsa  44 zł
Goose stomachs/groats in red cabbage/purple cauliflower puree/romanesco cauliflower 48 zł
Pierogi (Polish dumplings) filled with beef hearts and mushrooms 32 zł
Tagliatelle with chicken/chorizo/green peas 37 zł
Savoy cabbage with lentils and baby vegetables/chanterelle sauce 32 zł
Burger /red cabbage / piccante spianata / mango sauce / homemade fries 46 zł


Root parsley and white chocolate mousse  18 zł


19 zł


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