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Bicycle rental

There is a bicycle rental for The Guests of the Mały Rzym Hotel. The local cycling trails located near the hotel, as well as the Eastern Bicycle GREEN VELO Route running through Sandomierz, promote cycling, which is a great way to explore Sandomierz and the surrounding area.

Bicycle rental price list:

First hour 11 PLN
Every following hour 5 PLN
Whole-day rent 40 PLN

Guests coming with their own bikes can use our special roofed bicycle parking.

Bicycle routes running directly next to Mały Rzym hotel

The Blue bicycle trail around Sandomierz „Sandomierz Landscapes” (24 km)

The route can be entered at the Mały Rzym hotel. After 200 m, at the junction of Okrzei and the Wojska Polskiego Streets, the marked blue trail begins, heading towards Kwiatkowskiego Street and Rzeczyca village. From there we continue to the village of Kichary Nowe, where at the crossroads of dirt roads we pass by a chapel from the 17th century. In less than a kilometer we reach the ruins of a tower - a remnant of the Benedictine sisters' farm from the 17th century. Later on, we reach Dwikóz, then Kamień Nowy and the Pepper Mountains.

From there we head back to Sandomierz, where the trail passes through the city's Old Town and later, along Żeromskiego Street, back to the Mały Rzym Hotel. The length of the trail is approx. 24 km. The trail is unusually picturesque and passes through varying landscapes. The trails runs both on asphalt and dirt roads.

The black bike trail around Sandomierz, the "Sandomierz Landscapes"

The trails starts 200 m from the Mały Rzym Hotel at the junction of Okrzei Street and Wojska Polskiego Street, then along Różana Street, Sucharzowska Street, Chwałecka Street. The areas of Suchachów, Ocinek, Wysiadłów, Kolonia Lenarczyce, Milczany, Kobierniki, Andruszkowie, bridge on the river Koprzywiance, Zawisełcze, Krakowska Street in Sandomierz, Podwale Street, Mickiewicza Street, Opatowska Gate, Żeromskiego Street, and Okrzei Street back to Mały Rzym Hotel. It is a most picturesque trail, which runs along calm roads.

Yellow bicycle trail Sandomierz – Opatów (34 km)

A trail going across unusually picturesque area of the so called Opatówka Valley. The trail starts in Sandomierz. From here we reach the village of Chwałki and then Radoszek, where a radiolocation station, the "radars" are found. Moving forward we pass through the villages: Dacharzów, Zagroda, Pęczyny, Dobrocice, Pielaszów, Męczenice, Malice Kościelne, Nikisiałka Mała, Karwów, Wąworków. On our way we pass by a Neo-Romanesque church and the ruins of the castle in Międzygórze. In Karwów we visit the so-called Miraculous spring of the Blessed Vincent Kadlubek. It is said that it was that spot where the Blessed Vincent was born. From there we continue to Tudorów, where the ruins of a medieval watchtower are to be found. From Tudorów we get to Opatów.

The Black bicycle "Defense Architecture" trail (506 km)

The trail runs directly by the Mały Rzym Hotel. The trip may be planned in two directions. The first direction starts with the road leading along Wojska Polskiego Street towards Opatów and further to Ćmielów. The other direction leads towards Okrzei and Żeromskiego Streets in Sandomierz and further towards Klimontów and the ruins of the Krzyżtopór castle in Ujazd. Because of the length of the distance, the trail is recommended for advanced bikers. It can be divided into smaller parts to make it suitable for family cycling trips.

It is meant for the defensive architecture enthusiasts. The trail runs along castles, manors and fortalices, remnants of old burgs and religious buildings with defensive features. The trail is marked in accordance with the Polish Tourist Association standards. On a white background there is a black bicycle symbol over the regular black guiding colour sign. The signs in area of ​​the Sandomierz and Opatów counties have an additional symbol of a castle outline, because they run along other black-coloured trails.

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