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Massage parlor

It is often difficult to find a moment for yourself in the midst of everyday duties. This is why we would like to offer you the opportunity to be pampered and to relax under the care of qualified massage therapists. Due to a high demand, please book the dates and hours of treatments at the Hotel reception. You can book during your stay or before arrival tel. +48 15 644 90 90

Classical massage

The classical body massage relieves pain, improves tissue nourishment, the skin becomes better oxygenated and innervated. It also stimulates regeneration of muscles. Joints and ligaments become more resilient and flexible, while metabolism is accelerated. Just one treatment is enough to relieve muscle tension and improve the overall feeling.

approx. 60 min 130 PLN
approx. 30 min 80 PLN

Relaxation Massage

Has a beneficial effect on the skin, muscle, the circulatory system and the nervous system. The purpose of the relaxation massage is to completely remove the neuromuscular and psychological tension and thus reach total relaxation of the massaged person.

approx. 60 min 130 PLN
approx. 30 min 80 PLN

Shea/karite butter massage

The butter is naturally extracted from African trees. The Shea butter provides a full range of vitamins and nutrients necessary to make the skin considerably softer, smoother, moisturized and, more importantly, healthier. Shea delays skin aging and the formation of wrinkles. It is most recommended for dry or suntanned skin, as the treatment with the butter will deeply moisturize it. In addition to excellent nourishing qualities, the Shea butter has a relaxing effect on the muscles and fosters the weight loss process by removing the unnecessary metabolic waste.

approx. 60 min 150 PLN
approx. 30 min 100 PLN

Russian Honey Massage

A combination of the classical massage with a formula whose main ingredient is honey. Removes harmful substances that cause various ailments and pains. The Russian massage improves the condition of the circulatory system and has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect.

Honey reduces the negative effects of nicotine and coffee on the skin, detoxifies the body, and additionally has an antibacterial effect and helps with allergies. In case of insomnia it helps to restore the balance of sleep. The relaxation honey massage also has an exfoliating effect, making the skin silky, nourished, while the aroma improves the mood.

approx.  60 min 180 PLN
approx. 30 min 130 PLN

Hot chocolate massage

It is a perfect and a pleasant way to model the body figure, as chocolate contains natural oxidants that not only remove the harmful substances from the body, but also improve blood circulation. It improves the colour and softness of the skin, and the aroma of chocolate filling the air relax and relieve the senses.

approx. 60 min 190 PLN

Chinese bubble massage

It is a combination of the classical massage with vacuum bubbles, which may also be used to treat inflammation of muscles, joints, sciatica, bronchitis, pneumonia and pleuritis, as well as stress, fatigue and general body weakness. The vacuum pressure created in the bubble after removing the air from it results in a suction of the skin and the tissues located under the bubble, leading to an intense increase in local circulation and a marked improvement in the elasticity of the skin. It results in a substantial improvement of the skin quality, a significant reduction and in some cases elimination of cellulite, and a reduction of the girth of the parts of the body that have been massaged.

approx. 60 min 160 PLN

Face, neck and neckline massage

Makes the skin perfectly nourished and hydrated. The treatment relaxes excessive tension in the muscles, has a calming and soothing effect and removes the symptoms of stress and anxiety. The massage also reduces tension, eliminates headache and neck stiffness. The treatment reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin beautifully toned.

approx. 30 min 70 PLN

Massage for pregnant women

The treatment is designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling and relieve pain in parts of the body under excessive strain, especially: shoulders, neck, back and legs. Provides stimulation, strengthening and restoration of the paraspinal muscles. Recommended from the 12th week of pregnancy, in order to reduce the strain of the muscles and the spine. The person planning the massage should consult her doctor in order to obtain permission for this type of treatment. Women should not undergo the treatments during the first trimester or the last month of pregnancy.

approx. 30 min 130 PLN

Treatments - Rituals in "Mały Rzym" Hotel

Our hotel Guests can choose from treatments which have been prepared for every season and every occasion. Ideal for general health and body care as well as, according to the spa philosophy, also for the spirit and the mind. Not only do they nurture and sustain good health, but also make our Guests feel truly pampered, deeply relaxed and taking their mind away from the everyday stresses.

The Slimming Ritual

The Slimming Therapy, based on ingredients derived from coffee, including caffeine, is designed for people seeking intensive firming of the skin, especially in the process of combating cellulite or during weight loss. The therapy results in a firm, tight and hydrated skin, accelerated metabolism and an active burning of the fat tissue.

approx. 75 min 190 PLN

Regenerating Ritual

A therapy based on ingredients contained in goat milk and the lychee extract. The rich goat milk ingredients regenerate and strengthen the skin, whereas the lichee rejuvenates it. The therapy revitalizes the skin, with a nourishing and regenerating effect, and restores its youthful radiance.

approx. 75 min 190 PLN

Bronzing Ritual

The therapy is based on ingredients contained in chocolate, which nourish the skin and significantly improve its color. The additional result of the treatment is a tight, smooth and firm skin.

approx. 75 min 190 PLN

The stages of each ritual include:

  • Peeling - smoothing and cleansing
  • Serum/balm - nutrition and regeneration
  • Butter/mask - moisturizing and regenerating

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